Digital philanthropy cards were born in 2018 in the streets by @romanaronishere, artists, designers, photographers to show their support for philanthropic organizations around the globe. You will be able to buy these powerful pieces of art to inspire others and to accelerate the world where the image has the power to make a difference in February 19, 2019.

When was Phil Ropy founded?

Phil Ropy was founded in 2018 by Roman Aron (@romanaronishere) and located in Los Angeles, California, United States, Phil Ropy is a digital philanthropy cards company that designs and sells digital philanthropy cards on to support philanthropic organizations around the globe.

What is Phil Ropy's mission?

Phil Ropy’s mission is to accelerate the world where the image has the power to make a difference.

Where the idea of digital philanthropy cards came from?

As with any new idea, this came from the past. All starts with baseball cards in the far 1860s. The baseball cards were the first trading cards in history. In the middle 60th, at another century, Hollywood released first movie cards with the James Bond series and other movies. The Y2K brought the world Pokemon cards.

What digital philanthropy cards featured?

Digital philanthropy cards feature nonprofits, brave people behind them, national parks, or celebrities who backed these nonprofits.

Who designs digital philanthropy cards?

The most of all cards designs by Phil Ropy's Design Team in-house, but some cards designed in collaboration with artists, photographers, and designers from all over the world.

What is the price for a single card?

The price for a single card a ten dollars.

What Phil Ropy share with nonprofit when I buy a card?

We never share your personal information with nonprofits. We don't even share your personal information with anybody.


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